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HRascent is focused on working with organisations to achieve alignment of people systems with remuneration strategy, company performance and overarching business objectives, while ensuring compliance with relevant governance and regulatory requirements.
HRascent is recognised as a specialist in executive remuneration, remuneration frameworks and policy and incentive design.

HRascent has significant experience in working with senior management and boards in the review and implementation of organisational and remuneration initiatives.

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insightpay (formerly the National Remuneration Centre), is a leading provider of salary information and job evaluation in Australia and is able to provide pay rates for a wide range of roles. insightpay has been surveying Australia for 45 years. The unique job evaluation tool, Jobscore®, provides the capability to not only evaluate roles, but to directly reference the NRC remuneration database for roles of a similar size. insightpay provides a complete, on-line job evaluation and market salary system for any position, in any organisation.

insightpay is committed to the continued development of online and usability capability of their tools, to assist clients in benchmarking to market and developing remuneration structures.

insightpay provides current, reliable information on salaries and benefits from a comprehensive and proven database. Experienced remuneration specialists deliver a professional range of services for remuneration decision making, undertaking specialised data analysis for specific needs. insightpay publishes surveys twice a year enabling clients to make better decisions about salaries and benefits. insightpay currently offer the following remuneration surveys:

  • All-industries Salary Survey is a national summary of a range of roles from General Management, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing and other roles.
  • Utilities Salary Survey across electricity, gas, and water
  • Local Authorities Remuneration Survey focused on local government
  • Health Insurance Industry Remuneration Survey

In addition, the insightpay Jobscore job evaluations system assists clients in determining job value and linking these to market based salaries, which enables clients to:

  • Establish a job-evaluated grade structure
  • Use Jobscore to support your existing organisational structure by understanding the relative job value of roles

International Reward and Governance Solutions – IRGS

International Reward and Governance Solutions – IRGS – supports professional services firms with the collection, storage and analysis of data. IRGS specializes in the efficient and effective capturing of corporate information from published sources, such as annual reports and proxy statements, with a particular focus on executive compensation, non-executive director compensation and corporate governance data.