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Executive Pay, Detailed Benchmarking, Policy & Analysis


AscentData, affordable and tailored remuneration analysis for listed companies.

AscentData solutions feature remuneration data and commentary around fixed pay, pay mix, short and long term incentives covering the CEO and executive KMPs. The reports offer market data and analysis to assist in setting and assessing responsible executive remuneration strategies.

AscentData seamlessly integrates high-quality, verifiable data from Australian listed companies and international companies where required. The database covers all aspects of executive remuneration – base pay, fixed pay, short term incentive, long-term incentives, benefits and more. AscentData provides a single reliable data source, setting a new standard for executive remuneration insight.

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Laurie Wood, AscentData Managing Director
What’s Available

Executive remuneration data collected from published Remuneration Reports include:

Base pay
Fixed pay
Fixed pay plus STI
Total package (Fixed + STI + LTI)
Short Term Incentive policy, practices and measures
Long Term Incentive policy, practices and measures
Long Term Incentive Grant Date Face Value analysis
Executive Diversity, Pay and Representation

Benchmark the remuneration of a single executive role

Three easy steps to select your executive role, choose the ASX listed companies for your peer group and download your report. Our Role Benchmarker Reports include a range of data points: base pay, fixed pay, total package and information on policy design and actuals for short and long term incentives.


AscentData Market Reports

Market Reports are available in a range of segments including market capitalisation, revenue and industry. The reports include a range of tables and graphs describing the board and executive remuneration outcomes, and the policies that drive these remuneration outcomes, for the companies included in the segment on which the report focuses. These reports are available immediately for download.


AscentData Premium Reports

AscentData provides an ability to segment the data to meet your specific needs which enables you to create a customisable peer group that provides appropriate comparators. These bespoke benchmark reports provide a comparison of a specific company’s remuneration to a selected group of comparator companies.

Our clear remuneration analysis covers senior executives and boards and our comprehensive metrics with multiple tables and graphs enable you to see how your current arrangements compare with the companies included in your comparator group.


AscentData Tailored Reports

No analysis is too big or too small to be handled by AscentData. This includes accessing and analysing disclosed data and documents from anywhere in the world. Utilise our experienced research team to conduct custom research that will deliver fast, affordable, and customised board and executive remuneration analysis. For example, do you use an international peer group, or do you need a deep dive into long term incentive design?


AscentData Direct

AscentData Direct is an online subscription solution that provides you with unlimited access to our comprehensive executive remuneration database allowing you to confidently benchmark your entire senior leadership team and board. Intuitive and easy to use AscentData Direct provides an extensive level of information suitable for those requiring frequent and timely data and enables clients to use AscentData’s online enquiry tools, or download data to conduct further analysis.


Remuneration Consulting

AscentData has been established to collect, analyse and publish remuneration benchmarks for executives, board members, and chairmen. There are times when our clients require more in-depth data and analysis of board and executive remuneration. Our partner, HRascent, is recognised as a specialist in executive remuneration, remuneration frameworks and policy and incentive design. HRascent has significant experience in working with senior management and boards in the review and implementation of organisational and remuneration initiatives.