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Board Pay

AscentData, affordable and flexible remuneration analysis for listed companies.

Objectively benchmark the composition of your board pay against your peers.

Trusted database, you can easily access information to make timely and cost-effective decisions for your board.

Increases understanding of what is happening in the market.

AscentData offers affordable and tailored remuneration analysis for listed companies.


A challenge faced by many organisations with remuneration arrangements is getting the design right so that the reward received aligns with company performance, delivery of company strategy and ultimately, delivery of shareholder value.

AscentData reports are a new and affordable way of benchmarking the pay of your Board and Non-Executive Directors. Our reports take the mystery out of how others are designing their board pay policies and provide you with low-cost insights into the sometimes complex and heavily scrutinised subject of board pay.


Accurate database

AscentData offers an accurate and up-to-date database of publicly disclosed board pay data. AscentData analyses information from public companies to provide simple benchmarking data for your use. Data in our reports is provided in a variety of ways giving you a factual basis when determining the appropriate remuneration levels for your board and executives and the alignment with company strategy. Data may be presented by a variety of segments or selected peer group.

AscentData provides a depth of data which boards and company leaders can use to confidently support their board pay policy, in turn assisting the board in designing a pay policy that aligns with the business strategy and focuses on the generation of value for shareholders.

Laurie Wood, AscentData Managing Director
What’s available

Board and Non-Executive Director data collected from published Remuneration Reports includes:

Data by segment or selected peer group
Stringent data quality methodologies
Base Fees & Total Fees
Positions at KMP level
Equity arrangements
Committee fees (Chair and member fees)
Board diversity and tenure
Annual Fee Limits

Benchmark the remuneration of a single executive role

Three easy steps to select your executive role, choose the ASX listed companies for your peer group and download your report. Our Benchmark Reports include a range of data points: base pay, fixed pay, total package and information on policy design and actuals for short and long term incentives.


AscentData Market Reports

Market Reports are available in a range of segments including market capitalisation, revenue and industry. The reports include a range of tables and graphs describing the board and executive remuneration outcomes, and the policies that drive these remuneration outcomes, for the companies included in the segment on which the report focuses. These reports are available immediately for download.


AscentData Tailored Reports

No analysis is too big or too small to be handled by AscentData. This includes accessing and analysing disclosed data and documents from anywhere in the world. Utilise our experienced research team to conduct custom research that will deliver fast, affordable, and customised board and executive remuneration analysis. For example, do you use an international peer group, or do you need a deep dive into long term incentive design?


AscentData Direct

AscentData Direct is an online subscription solution that provides you with unlimited access to our comprehensive executive remuneration database allowing you to confidently benchmark your entire senior leadership team and board. Intuitive and easy to use AscentData Direct provides an extensive level of information suitable for those requiring frequent and timely data and enables clients to use AscentData’s online enquiry tools, or download data to conduct further analysis.


Remuneration Consulting

AscentData has been established to collect, analyse and publish remuneration benchmarks for executives, board members, and chairmen. There are times when our clients require more in-depth data and analysis of board and executive remuneration. Our partner, HRascent, is recognised as a specialist in executive remuneration, remuneration frameworks and policy and incentive design. HRascent has significant experience in working with senior management and boards in the review and implementation of organisational and remuneration initiatives.