AscentData Premium Reports

AscentData Premium Reports

Select your own comparator group of companies and roles. Receive an informative report that compares your company and roles to your selected comparator group.

Premium reports are priced
from $5,990 plus GST

With AscentData Premium Reports you get remuneration analysis which covers senior executives and boards together with the flexibility to choose your peer group of companies for more accurate comparisons.

Our Premium Report will provide you with comparisons to your selected peer group of companies. We will work with you to identify a relevant peer group of listed companies against which your organisation will be compared. For example, the peer companies may be based on identifying:

  • The companies which operate in your sector.
  • Our systems enable you to select companies by market capitalisation, financial parameters and more to establish your comparator groups.
  • Our reports provide insight into how other companies are designing their remuneration.
  • We can provide you with affordable insights into the often complex and heavily scrutinised subject of executive remuneration.
  • Due to the flexibility and depth of our database, we are able to deliver your premium report, designed for you, within 5 business days.

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